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Tips in Choosing the Right Shampoo for Different Hair Type

The shampoo is becoming a great necessity for people right now. Most of the girls are giving much importance to this due to their long hair. With that demand, there are widespread of shampoo coming out in the market. Some people select their shampoo because of the brand name or even the celebrity endorsing for it. That may be a good idea but it is best to know first the kind of hair before choosing the shampoo. Also, how it will relate in scalp and hair type.

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Before are some of the tips in choosing the right shampoo for your hair type. Identify now the kind of hair you have and check if you pick the right shampoo for you.

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Dry Scalp Shampoo

If your scalp is flaky, itchy and dry you need to choose the appropriate shampoo to avoid the embarrassing condition of your hair.


· Scalp that is slightly dry with little or no itching and flake look for shampoos that promote smoothing, moisture and hydration. This can moisturize the dry scalp.

· Nioxin will be a great investment to those who have a concern with moderate up to severe dryness of the scalp.


· Avoid shampoos with sulfates. That can cause drying of the hair and scalp.

· Look for shampoos with ingredients like tea tree and menthol. These will moisturize your dry scalp.


Oily Scalp Shampoo

· Look for shampoo a label that has a balancing, strengthening and a volumizing effect in your hair. This kind of shampoo is more effective and less moisturizing in removing for excess oil.


· Avoid shampoos that are soothing, hydrating, moisturizing and good for those with curly hair. This kind of shampoo may add moisture in an oily scalp.

· Spend extra time working your shampoo within the scalp in breaking up the oil.

· Choose the shampoo that is colour safe

· Use super clarifying treatment if ever the oily scalp is truly out of control.

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Different Kinds of Shampoo to Choose From

· Volumizing Shampoo: This is an excellent choice if you have fine and limp hair. This can give you lifting and boosting hairstyle. This can be your great foundation in achieving beautiful hairstyle.


· Moisturizing or hydrating Shampoo: This is a great choice in adding shine, smoothness and moisture in your hair. It is advisable for coarse, curly and thick hair.

· Curly Hair Shampoo: Formulated shampoos for curly hair are normally very moisturizing that can give extra effort in reducing frizz.


· Fortifying or Strengthening Shampoo: This is good for over-processed, damaged, brittle, weak and highlighted hair. It normally contains an extra protein for improving hair condition.

· Straight or Smoothing Hair Shampoo: Smoothing agents and extra moisturizers can help in sealing the cuticle in order to provide a great start for the smooth and straight hairstyle.


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· Balancing Shampoo: This kind of shampoo is normally known to be “nice middle of the road shampoo”. It is not too moisturizing but it will not also let your hair dry out.

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